The next challenge begins in September 8, 2020

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you! Join the next VCNfitness 12-week challenge, and change your mind and your body. 12 weeks, 5 workouts per week

Support others along the way.  Commit to creating the habit of training and sharing, and one person will win a prize. package worth over $800!!!

Prize package includes:

  • $500 credit towards a VCN FIT-cation

  • a  gift package of BerserkerBrew coffee with a grinder ($100 value)

  • 2 pairs of Shady Rays sunglasses ($100 value)

  • 2 boxes of HI! Human Improvement protein powder ($120 value)

  • a gift package from InspyrGear ($50+ value) 

The workouts are challenging; you will learn NEW exercises and unique variations, with modifications and progressions for any level.  You will be led by your trainer and coach, Vanessa. In the daily videos, she talks about proper form, in detail, and offers her personal tips for getting the most out of each exercise. By joining the challenge, you also join the Tribe. You will have unparalleled support and accountability in the closed FB group (women only) and exclusive unlimited access to Vanessa for continued support throughout the program and beyond, including your monthly one-on-one check-in with Vanessa.  


The VCNfitness Challenge is more than a workout and it is definitely NOT a cookie cutter or generic plan. Vanessa is more than a trainer, she is your coach, mentor and empowerer.


Do you have other questions? Please contact Vanessa here

Registration options:

$105 TRIBE Challenge Registration includes: 

(paid in 3 monthly payments of $35 each)

  • You get both home and gym 12-week programs!

  • Lifetime access to the youtube videos of all your programs

  • 3 month VCN Tribe membership and benefits (your membership will automatically renew at month 4 for $35 monthly, unless you cancel. If you cancel before the 3rd month you are not eligible to win the challenge)

  • 1 LIVE "check-in" per month with Vanessa (via facetime, FB video, zoom or skype)

  • 15% discount on VCNfitness services and gear (including FIT-cations and online classes)

  • Referral Bonus: for every 3 people you refer to the challenge/tribe, you will get a free VCN tank/shirt

If you sign up before the challenge begins, you will get the 30-day program as a complimentary gift! 

$400+ value

$40 Program Registration includes: 

(no challenge participation)

  • You get a choice of EITHER the home and gym 12-week program

  • Lifetime access to the youtube videos of your program

Stuck at home with no gym access, minimal or no equipment? Need  a program you can follow AND get results?  Not ready to commit to a 12-week  program? Try my 30-Day Home Program

$20 30-Day Program registration includes: 

  • 6 week training program for workouts at home

  • Access to a private YouTube playlist of instructional videos for every day of the challenge. 

  • LIFETIME access to this program and the videos




I believe in you.  Now YOU believe in YOU!

Alisa, HOME Program

The beauty of the home workouts is that I can literally do them anywhere because you really only need dumbbells.  I often complete the workout at my gym during my lunch hour and frequently get asked where I get my routines from.  The workout is challenging and I've seen some impressive gain in my back and biceps as well as a drop in inches throughout my body.  I highly recommend Vanessa's home workouts.