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Get the first 4 weeks of the program IN ADVANCE, if you are not ready to commit to the full 12-week program, just yet. 

Try VCN out and then decide!

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The workouts are challenging; you will learn NEW exercises and unique variations, with modifications and progressions for any level.  You will be led by your trainer and coach, Vanessa. In the daily videos, she talks about proper form, in detail, and offers her personal tips for getting the most out of each exercise. By joining the challenge, you also join the Tribe for a minimum of 3 months or the duration of the program (the membership with automatically begin monthly payments at month 4). You will have unparalleled support and accountability in the closed FB group (women only) and exclusive unlimited access to Vanessa for continued support throughout the program and beyond, including your monthly one-on-one online check-in with her.  


The VCNfitness Challenge is more than a workout program and it is definitely NOT a cookie cutter or generic plan. Vanessa is more than a trainer, she is your coach, mentor and empowerer.


Do you have other questions? Please contact Vanessa here

Registration options:

$75 TRIBE Registration includes: 

(up front payment for a trial of 3 months and automatically $25 monthly beginning month 4)

  • 1 LIVE "check-in" per month with Vanessa (via facetime, FB video, zoom or skype) this can be a personal training session, a mentoring/coaching session, or just a form check or chat.

  • Your choice of a home or gym program, upon registration you will get the current challenge program and access to the videos

  • 3 month VCN Tribe membership and benefits including entry to the closed women-only FB accountability group (you must be an "active member to be in the group, cancellation forfeits all membership benefits)

  • Referral Bonus: for every 3 people you refer to the challenge/tribe, you will get a free VCN tank/shirt

  • Free online workouts and classes, when offered

  • Access to the entire VCNfitness video library, exercise tutorials, classes, and workouts in the VCN My PT Hub app (create your free account when you register)

$500+ value

$50 Program Registration includes: 

(no challenge participation)

  • You get a choice of EITHER the home and gym 12-week program

  • Lifetime access to the youtube videos of your program




I believe in you.  Now YOU believe in YOU!